E-commerce Solutions

With our integrated e-commerce solutions, we can help you grow your business internationally and create an exceptional online customer experience.

Our range of solutions makes cross-border e-commerce easy and reliable, supporting your customer services, webshop, order management and international delivery.

Explore our solutions below and just ask for a free consultation with our e-commerce experts.

International E-commerce Solutions
Asendia Solutions for Acquiring Customers
Acquiring International E-commerce Customers

Acquiring Customers

Efficient and cost-effective customer acquisition will maximise your return on investment and quickly build brand recognition and loyalty cross-border. Our integrated e-commerce solutions can help you to expand your customer base, improving visibility and generating sales.

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Asendia Solutions for Acquiring Customers

Direct Marketing

Solutions for your cross-border direct mail campaigns helping you reach your target audiences in the most cost-effective and reliable way possible, driving your potential customers directly to your webshop. Our dedicated products and expertise help you maximise your response rates and minimise your mailing waste.


Engage potential shoppers through dedicated customer magazines, which build loyalty and support sales. Our magazine distribution solutions can help you directly target your customers to increase brand awareness.


Catalogues publicise both your brand and your products to a potential audience, engaging customers’ interest and supporting your online presence. With our support you can distribute your catalogues on a timely and regular basis, generating website traffic and increasing sales conversions.

Data Cleaning

Data cleaning helps you to build a strong database of quality contacts. We can manage your data from sourcing to fulfilment, so you can target customers effectively and increase your e-commerce checkout conversions.

Localised Webshop

Welcome potential customers with a localised webshop by displaying your customers’ language and currency. With our partner eShopWorld, we can provide e-commerce solutions that give your website a local feel, wherever your customers may be.

Facilitating E-commerce Transactions
Facilitating International E-commerce Transactions

Facilitating Transactions

Your customers have a smooth and enjoyable e-commerce experience if transactions are as seamless and transparent as possible. Together with our partner eShopWorld, we can provide a straightforward transaction process, encouraging your customers to return time after time.

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Facilitating E-commerce Transactions

Global Checkout

Reduce shopping cart abandonment by incorporating a global checkout into your e-commerce website. A global checkout provides your customers with localised payment, delivery and language options for a straightforward online experience, building loyalty to your business.

Total Landed Costs

Build trust and loyalty towards your e-commerce business by displaying total landed costs. These take into account delivery and customs clearance to reassure customers and help them make informed decisions, increasing your checkout conversion rate.

International Payments

Offering local currencies on your e-commerce website makes transactions simpler for customers, encouraging them to complete their orders. We can provide international payment options in a variety of methods and currencies for greater flexibility and choice.

Asendia Solutions for Managing Orders
Managing International E-commerce Orders

Managing Orders

Outsource part or all of your order management process, from inventory checks to parcel preparation, so you can focus on growing your business. Our services integrate seamlessly into any supply chain, so your orders are ready for distribution in a cost-effective and timely manner.

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Asendia Solutions for Managing Orders

Inventory Management

You can be confident in your stock figures with our inventory management system. We can manage stock checks, inform you when you meet replenishment levels and provide you with access to detailed online stock reports offering you greater efficiency when distributing worldwide.


Optimising your order management process will help your goods reach your customers faster and improve your e-commerce reputation. Our network of warehouses around the world can hold stock locally for accurate and timely international despatch on demand.

Pick & Pack

Outsourcing your order picking lets you spend more time growing your e-commerce business. Our order pickers use a sophisticated stock management system to pull appropriate items and quantities, while the packing department serves as a second quality control check.

Asendia Solutions for Delivering Orders
Delivering International Goods for Retailers

Delivering Orders

We provide a wide range of reliable and cost-effective delivery solutions that help you build a loyal and valuable customer base across the world. Through our international delivery solutions, we make sure that your orders are despatched to your customers according to your requirements, including a range of untracked and tracked solutions. 

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Asendia Solutions for Delivering Orders

Standard Goods

If tracking information is not required, we can offer an even more cost-effective delivery option, still providing reliability and peace of mind. Untracked parcels are ideal for sending small goods around the world quickly and economically, with a choice between Priority and Economy delivery. 

Tracked Goods

Tracking your deliveries and returns reassures your customers that their goods are on the way. Our flexible solutions provide three different levels of tracking information to suit your business, your customers and your goods.

Customs Clearance

Clearing customs can delay your deliveries and increase costs, which may affect your checkout conversion rate and customer satisfaction. We help you navigate cross-border customs quickly and efficiently, assisting you with duty and taxes and preparing your packages for customs clearance - this is especially important for non-EU markets such as Switzerland, where we have extensive experience.

Choice of Delivery

Offer a range of delivery options to give you and your customers the flexibility you need for timely and secure distribution. Our convenient solutions include Mailbox, Personal, and Pick-Point (out of house), with optional email notification and signature on delivery.

Asendia Customer Care Solutions
International Customer Care and Returns Services

Customer Care

Give your shoppers the best possible experience and let specialists handle your customer care while you focus on selling. Our Customer Care services can strengthen your customer relationships and build brand loyalty.

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Asendia Customer Care Solutions

Customer Service

Make sure you offer the highest level of customer service to your shoppers, providing them with the assistance they need and reinforcing your reputation. Our partner eShopWorld can provide your customers with the level of professional customer service they expect.


Offering cost-effective returns solutions encourages shoppers to complete their orders, with the confidence that they can return their products easily if required. You can choose from a full range of Returns services for parcels, including content checking, tracking, insurance, and prepaid or partly paid postage.